Commandline compositing

Bash Imagemagick compositing scripts

This is an attempt to make use of imagemagick's image manipulation commands for compositing. This is done using bash scripts.

Series of scripts

Here we bring together three different imagemagick compositions to make a movie. In all 9 scripts and 2 look-up files are involved.

General pre and postprocessing scripts & commands

These are scripts and commands for applications that are needed to prepare images and films for compositing with my imagemagick scripts. They are also needed to bring the png files that the imagemagick scripts create into a viewable format. Hopefully these will get integrated into the imagemagick scripts at some point.

Bash scripting boilerplate

These are the various bash scripting building blocks which are found in the compositing imagemagick scripts. Mostly for, if, until and while loops with some mathematics mixed in. A reference in case I forget what I used where.

The scripts

Here we have the actual scripts used to make the animations. Everything is in a really rough stage, with much fiddling required to get them working right for a particular set of images.


A small tour of compositing done so far. Files are compressed and shrunk in order to save bandwitdh. some files may still take a while to load properly because of size. They are also hosted at, so if their server is down…

Date: 2009-11-01 15:28:41 CET

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